The school is off today (6/11/2018) due to the bad weather.    -   Please be informed that the students must start wearing their winter school uniform starting from 4th of November 2018.    -   Dear Parents, Please be informed that The national mass scanning for Spine Curvature Disorders will be on Sunday 14 October 2018, for grades 6, boys and girls.    -   Dear Parents, Please be informed that grade 5 and 12 students, boys and girls, will be receiving DT Vaccination on Monday 15 October 2018.
KG Activities

September Activities 2016/2017     
 30/8/2016   the first day of  school for KG2
31/1/8/2016   The first day of school for KG1
4/9/2016 The first day for Pre-KG

Thursday  8/9/2016
In honor of the pilgrimage month of  ( The Hajj Day ) KG department has organized a special day for kg2 ( Al Hajj Day
) .The children put in their Ihram clothes in class and toured the school saying The Talbiyah .


 Eid Al-Adha Holiday starts from 11/9/2016 - till 15/9/2016 
Back to school after holiday 18/9/2016  

22/9/2016 Thursday
was the parents meeting with the teachers

October Activities 2016/2017     
Tuesday 18/10/2016  

Yellow  Day : On Yellow day Our Pre-KG Kids celebrated the yellow color. It was beautiful sight ! We painted yellow pictures , ateyellowfood, and made yellow cookies .A fun day was had by all . 

 27/10/2016 Thursday  
Rainbow Day: IT was KG Rainbow Day .This day was designed to be hands on day where both English and Arabic Teachers highlighting and reinforced the concept of the colors of rainbow ) though many exiting, attractive and
fabulous artistic activities.
November Activities 2016/2017

3/11/2016 Thursday
was the parents meeting with the teachers
13/11/2016 Sunday
Star wearing Winter Clothes in the School
 16/11/2016 Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016, the KG Department will have Get Fit Day.  This day is designed to emphasize and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle.  Students will participate in many physical activities designed to  promote good health, improve and refine gross motor skills, improve and refine a sense of balance and coordination, improve students' concentration and to improve self-confidence. 

Thursday  17/11/2016 

Red Day : On red day Our Pre-KG Kids celebrated the red color. It was beautiful sight ! We painted red pictures , ate red food, and made red cookies .A fun day was 
 January Activities 2017
Our KG children celebrated an International Day on  January 8th till 12th .Each teacher chose a specific country to be represented by the class . During this week the children learned about different cultures and customs .We are sincerly thankful to all the parents and Diplomats who attended , which was a delightful addition to our day .
February |Activities 2017
22/2/2017 Wednesday
In honor of our beloved country Kuwait , we celebrated National Day .   Our celebration started with national parade . The students proudly displayed Kuwaiti dress and flags . We continued our day with center based games and activities . A fun was had by all .

7/2/2017 Tuesday
From the beginning of the school year , we have been counting the days that  we have been in school  .We reached the 100th days of school…..We celebrated by having many fun games and different activities

28/2/2017 Tuesday
Our KG department celebrated the color Orange , our little ones came dressed in orange , it was a beautiful sight. We painted orange pictures and ate an orange food , a fun was had by all .