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Co-operation between home and school
·        Always be in contact with your child's teacher. 
·        Encourage your child to be a positive participant in the school's events and activities.
·        Join your child in his/her school activity; as many as you can. This will make your child happy and will boost his/her self-confidence and self-worth.
·        It is important to maintain strong and effective communication channels between school and home; as the parents need to be completely informed about their kid's progress, and/or about any problems he/she might be having in school.  Thus, the school encourages parents to visit or call at 25529781/2/3 or at 1804818.
·        Parent-Teacher Conferences have to be pre-scheduled. Please call the school to set an appointment with the teacher you want to see.
·        The school encourages parents to attend the "Open Day" at the beginning of the year, and the "Parents Conference Nights" that are held after 1st and 2nd semesters.
·        Al-Ru'ya Bilingual School web site is www.alruyaschool.net
·        You can always log in and browse for an abundant amount of information about the school.