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Al Ru'ya Pastoral Program
“An Educational Vision” is the pastoral program that Al-Ru’ya adopts.   It is a practical behavioral program, illustrated by models and examples from real life. 
The program teaches the highest moral and ethical principles and values, and the ways the later can be applied and rewarded in our modern world.  Parents involvement is an important factor in enhancing and in adopting these principles and values, as it is only through the complete and effective cooperation between the home and the school the student will learn the moral principles and will develop self-ability to think positively and to make the right decision according to the life situations that he/she is experiencing.  The student will also grow a deeper believe and trust in Allah beside believing in his/her abilities and potentials.         
Furthermore, by learning how to prioritize personal goals and life demands, the student will learn how to work and behave morally and ethically with and towards the others, and will be able to lead a good life, where he/she can be productive and effective, serving his/her society, country and the whole world.